As many as 59 million Americans have thyroid problems, and an alarming majority are not yet diagnosed. To give you an idea of just how important a healthy and functioning thyroid is to your health, consider this; if you don’t have a properly functioning thyroid when you are born, you can die within 24 hours.

Weighing in at just under an ounce and shaped like a butterfly, you’d be a fool to underestimate the power and influence your thyroid has on your health. Every single aspect of your metabolism, from your heart rate to how effectively you can burn calories, is regulated by thyroid hormones. Your thyroid affects your health in aspects you probably never even considered. It can affect your weight, cause depression and zap your energy levels leaving you feeling tired, worn out and irritable. Without vital thyroid hormones, your health will severely suffer. The most important of these hormones is thyroxine (T4), tri-odothyronine (T3) and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).

The frightening reality of an undiagnosed thyroid problem is that it increases your risk of heart disease, depression, anxiety, obesity, hair loss and much, much more.

Undiagnosed thyroid problems can dramatically increase your risk of obesity, heart disease, depression, anxiety, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, infertility and a host of other symptoms and health problems that in the most extreme cases can lead to death.

American Longevity Center in Miami can help.

Why Are Thyroid Conditions Commonly Misdiagnosed?

Although thyroid problems are among the most common medical conditions, they are often diagnosed as something else. Many times this is because symptoms of a thyroid disorder can come on gradually and can easily be attributed to other conditions. General practitioners may also miss a thyroid problem if the proper testing is not performed. A physical exam or routine blood test is not enough to diagnose a thyroid problem. Even if your doctor diagnosed you with a thyroid disorder, chances are you were not treated properly or optimally. If you were treated with Levothyroxine, Synthroid or Levoxyl, you were treated with T4 hormones ONLY. This may have caused your subsequent lab results to look ‘normal’, but in reality, your T3 hormones may still be at sub-optimal levels.

Specific testing for the thyroid T4, T3 AND TSH hormones is required to determine whether or not you are producing a healthy level of thyroid hormones. American Longevity Center in Miami furthers these blood tests with additional physiological exams that may also indicate a thyroid hormone imbalance.

What Are Symptoms of a Thyroid Imbalance?

Below is a partial list of symptoms that could signal a thyroid imbalance:

  • Tired all the time regardless of how much sleep you get
  • Aches and pains in muscles and joints
  • Swelling in the neck or a visibly enlarged thyroid
  • Swelling in the face
  • Hair loss/unusual hair loss including around the eyebrows
  • Skin that becomes coarse and dry
  • Heavier, more painful menstrual cycles
  • Weight gain
  • Constipation

Treating the Different Types of Thyroid Problems

When the thyroid gland is not functioning properly, it can result in hyperthyroidism or producing too much of the thyroid hormones. On the other hand, the condition of producing too little is called hypothyroidism.

Most people suffer the symptoms of a thyroid imbalance because they keep returning to the same physician who is not hearing or understanding the root cause of their symptoms. Some thyroid patients can endure years of prescription drug treatment for depression because their physician may not understand that their symptoms are coming from the thyroid.

You can absolutely treat hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism and stabilize the thyroid so that symptoms are abated. You can absolutely improve your health without question; normalize your life again in a way you never thought possible.

To do so, you MUST speak with expert physicians who are experienced in diagnosing and treating conditions of the thyroid.

Ready to do just that? Call American Longevity Center. We have physicians nationwide that are the leading authorities conditions of the thyroid.

Thyroid Treatments At ALC in Miami

The thyroid is so important, but so distant from medical forethought. Not at American Longevity Center. We have the most advanced and cutting edge diagnosis and treatment programs for thyroid issues. We have pioneered innovative therapy by combining the T3 and T4 components in our compounded products so you get a balanced support for the thyroid gland. Our treatment programs are complemented by nutritional supplements that are created by doctors, scientists and pharmacists by combining powerful ingredients from the earth and combining them with science and medical knowledge.

Our doctors have revolutionized the field of hormone therapy and are a part of a hand-selected group of physicians studying and teaching adult hormone deficiency syndromes.