As hormones go, testosterone is the dominant male sex chemical. Adequate levels go a long way on the road to optimal health. Shortages of this vital substance might derail sex drives, effect physical features, and alter moods which can be treated at ALC in Houston. The following will summarize what testosterone is and the background in which hormone therapy could be considered an option for those who suffer from low levels.

Testosterone in the Body

These hormones are created by glands and travel through the bloodstream. Both genders produce it with the reproductive organs responsible for the creating the majority of it. The level is controlled by a section of the brain called the hypothalamus. It instructs the pituitary gland to contact the appropriate makers of testosterone as to how much and when to make the hormone.

Conditions for Hormone Therapy

The symptoms are most evident in men as the physical traits that distinguishes them from women fade. Reduction of the sex drive and the inability to maintain an erection are two of the many symptoms that spur people for treatment. The condition will not reverse itself if left unchecked.

Aging is the most common cause for low testosterone. However, anything from physical injury to forms of cancer and their treatment can cause a shortage. Genetics can play a part as some families are more prone to its decrease than others.

Qualified medical professionals can diagnose and recommend treatment. Hormone replacement has proven to be an effective method to turn back the clock on those who suffer from low testosterone. There are risks involved but those are minimal compared to improvements to the quality of life that a suitable and maintained level of testosterone can bring for anyone. Contact us today for more information!