Low Testosterone Treatment Options

Nearly all men experience low testosterone levels in their lives, and the likelihood increases as men age, regardless of health. Usually, the decrease is slow, so you may not even notice the symptoms because they seem like the natural effect of aging. Other men, however, will experience a faster decline, which makes the symptoms more noticeable. However you can receive treatment from American Longevity Center in Boston!

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Common symptoms include the following:


Low energy


More body fat

Less lean muscle tissue

Loss of strength

Decreased libido

Erectile dysfunction

Most men will suffer from more than one of these symptoms, and some men will suffer from all of the symptoms. Luckily, treatment is available that can help reverse these symptoms.

Treatment for Low Testosterone

While there is no cure, there are ways to treat the symptoms. Since your body is producing less testosterone than it should, you can supplement your natural hormone with a synthetic hormone. Your symptoms will quickly lessen when you start treatment, but they will return if you decide to stop treatment.

Treatment Options

Injectable testosterone. This is the most effective treatment for most men. You will need a shot ever 10 to 14 days, but the shots are painless for most men.

AndroGel- This cream is applied to the skin, where it is absorbed. You will need to apply the cream daily for continued results.

AndroDerm- This treatment is similar to AndroGel, but it is worn as a patch. You must change the patch every 24 hours.

Getting Treatment

If you think you are suffering from low testosterone, call American Longevity Center for an appointment. They will perform a blood test to determine your testosterone level and recommend a treatment based on your results.

It’s important to note that testosterone levels are not clearly defined. Each man has is own normal level. There are levels that are considered low, but these levels are not agreed upon by all professionals. For this reason, it is better to visit a hormone replacement clinic because the doctors and staff are more knowledgeable in low testosterone levels.