Human growth hormone, or HGH, is responsible for a wide range of health-related functions. Not only does it help maintain healthy human tissue and organ integrity, it stimulates the development of muscle mass, boosts the rate of fat loss and enhances the libido. This anabolic hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and is rapidly converted into growth factors that are essential to human growth and development.

Human growth hormone levels peak early in life and gradually decline as we age. People who suffer from a deficiency in growth hormone can experience health consequences such as loss of muscle mass, increased weight gain and the onset of age-related illness. While dietary considerations and proper sleep can help naturally increase levels of growth hormone, chronically low levels of growth hormone requires professional intervention.

A simple blood test as ordered by a healthcare professional is all that is needed to check levels of human growth hormone. When growth hormone levels are identified as being low, human growth hormone can be prescribed by a medical doctor. In fact, the only safe, legal way of obtaining human growth hormone is through a legitimate medical facility such as American Longevity Center.

Human growth hormone has received quite a bit of media attention in recent years. Some have warned against potentially negative side effects of using human growth hormone such as enlarged hands and organs. The fact is human growth hormone that is prescribed and monitored by a healthcare professional is safe with very few side effects. Those who have reported side effects used large doses of the hormone for long periods of time and did not have medical supervision.

Those who suffer from a growth hormone deficiency can experience health benefits from the use of doctor prescribed, medically supervised administration of human growth hormone.  Contact us today for more information!