Human endocrine, more commonly known as human growth hormone, is a natural hormone that’s discharged by the pituitary gland. It’s a super-molecule that is primarily created during one’s childhood. The amount of HGH discharged by the body depends on a person’s lifestyle and reduces dramatically by aging. HGH primarily promotes cell production and regeneration. HGH treatment in Dallas will increase the metabolic and anabolic activity of the body and will stimulate growth of muscles and bones.

As mentioned, HGH is a natural internal secretion created by the body. However, many artificial versions of HGH have been discovered and put into practice. HGH was first used in the 1950’s to treat children that were suffering from stunted growth. During this time, excess supplements of HGH were retrieved from cadavers. Advancements in biotechnology made it possible for scientists to create human growth hormone in laboratories. Cutting edge technology has now allowed HGH to be synthetically created. Nowadays, human growth hormone is most commonly found in the field of sports.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been gaining publicity for several years while being used in the world of sports. Athletes have found its positive effects to help them gain an edge in their particular sporting event. HGH can be attributed to boosting muscle growth, quick recovery from injury, as well as quick recovery while on the field. Since HGH is naturally created and found in the human body, it makes it very difficult to trace and to discover when it is being abused by a professional athlete. Catching a professional athlete using HGH is really an exhaustive process.

Due to its quality and potent effects on the body, there is a high demand for HGH. Call us at American Longevity Center today to schedule your free consultation to see if HGH is right for you.