At the age of 30, hormones start to decrease by 1 to 3% every year. While after the age of 50, it starts to decrease 20 to 40%.

Testosterone is the hormone which first starts to decrease in both males and females. This is due to weight which is gained and a failing sex drive. This is due to sex hormones that decline and your fat storing hormones get charged and increased.

Every person usually depends upon the main balance between estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA, human growth hormone (HGH) and cortisol. There is a specific job which is given to every hormone which they perform accordingly.

If we talk about estrogen, it helps to guard and protect from several diseases caused that are against heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and incontinence. It also increases libido, tone of the skin, emotional well-being, cognitive acuity, sensory function and digestion.

Energy levels and libido are more enhanced by the testosterone. It also increases the function of brain, builds muscle, and promotes the tone of muscle and heart health.

With the passage of age, HGH in Orlando also falls naturally and is linked with the factors of aging. These factors include wrinkling, gray hair, hair loss, decreased energy, and sexual dysfunction, loss of muscle, increased body fat, low testosterone in Orlando, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and overall lower life expectancy.

The symptoms of anti aging in Orlando are noticed very slowly and gradually. They get observed when the relation between them and the hormones levels are not denied. It includes: diminished libido, waning energy, decreased lean muscle, greater than before body fat, weakened bones, decrease in skin elasticity, memory lapses, and cardiovascular disease, bad temper, and mood swings.

The hormones receptors usually reply to the messages of the hormones. They simply change the lifestyle of one’s living.

At American Longevity Center, this is the medicine we study and see. 25 years have passed and we’ve had a huge success in this regard and people also tell us about the great changes we have made in their lives.

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