It has been observed that yearly hormones decrease by 1 to 3%. This starts at the age of 30. At the age of 50, it starts to drop by 20 to 40%.

Testosterone is the hormone which starts decreasing for men and women. Weight gain and a decreased sex drive are what indicate that this is taking place. Testosterone, which is your sex hormone decreases, and estrogen, which is your fat storing hormone, take on more roles.

Our hormones assume different roles and every person normally depends upon different situation of hormones which are testosterone, thyroid, DHEA, estrogen, and HGH in Fort Lauderdale which is human growth hormone and lastly Cortisol.

Diseases of the heart, osteoporosis, incontinence and Alzheimer’s are protected and guarded by estrogen. Estrogen also gives good impact to skin tone, the digestive system, sensory functions, emotional well-being, cognitive insight, sensory function and digestion.

Level of energy and libido are enhanced by the testosterone hormone. It also helps to build muscles and strengthen the bones. Many more functions are performed by testosterone which includes muscle tone promotion and improving function of the brain and heart health.

Many researchers tell us that when HGH decreases, it gets linked with several factors of anti aging in Fort Lauderdale. These are loss of hair pigment, grey hair, muscle loss, decrease in body fat, CVD, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, low t in Fort Lauderdale and a lowered life expectancy.

There will be gradual changes in a persons health which will be slowly noticed. Many signs and symptoms are observed after several years. When the levels of hormone stops, it helps to litany the signs. These symptoms include diminished libido, waning energy, decreased lean muscle, enlarged body fat, damaged bones, decrease in skin softness, recall lapses, cardiovascular disease, irritability, and mood swings.

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