Testosterone Treatment for Men

As men age, their testosterone levels decrease and ALC in Houston can help! In the past, men with extremely low levels of testosterone were given synthetic testosterone, but now, more and more men with normal levels are using testosterone prescription to reverse the gradual effects of aging.

About Testosterone

Both men and women have testosterone and estrogen, but testosterone is considered the male hormone for a reason. Men have much higher levels of testosterone, but lower levels of estrogen than women, and a male fetus starts to produce it after just seven weeks after conception. Testosterone affects men throughout their entire lives:

•           During puberty, the increase of testosterone affects the voice, muscle development and sex drive.

•           In adulthood, testosterone keeps muscles and bones strong and healthy.

Testosterone Gel

If you get a testosterone prescription, it won’t be in pill form. Testosterone pills can adversely affect the liver, so the prescription is usually a gel that is absorbed through your skin. Never purchase testosterone over the internet; it is important to discuss a prescription with your doctor.

Benefits and Risks of Testosterone Treatment

Testosterone treatment helps to make men leaner by helping to properly distribute and burn fat. It is also beneficial for improving libido and increasing your interest and motivation in sex. However, it has not shown to help with erectile dysfunction.

The main risks associated with testosterone treatment are heart attacks/cardiovascular problems and prostate cancer, but more and more studies are proving those risks wrong. Studies show that low testosterone leads to cardiovascular risks and higher levels help to widen arteries. Similarly, studies are not able to link prostate cancer and testosterone treatment. Testosterone injections, do tend to increase red blood cells, which thickens blood.

If you want to counteract the symptoms of aging, consider a testosterone prescription. For more information about hrt, contact the American Longevity Center.