Individualized Treatment Plans

Many women and men want to feel better by having hormone replacement therapy to improve their body’s energy levels and brain’s alertness. At American Longevity Center in Dallas, we have professionals who understand how to design a specialized hormone replacement plan for each patient. Testosterone levels steadily decline in a man as they age, causing loss of bone density while increasing fat deposits. Men often lose physical strength while having a reduction in their sex drive. Testosterone decreases in males over the age of 24 by approximately 2 percent a year. A man with decreasing hormone levels may experience extreme fatigue, erectile dysfunction and migraine headaches.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Women also begin to feel the effects of decreasing hormone levels after the age of 30 with symptoms from perimenopause and menopause. Hormone replacement therapy frequently helps women regain their energy while reducing mood swings. American Longevity Center provides bioidentical hormonal therapy treatment that eliminates sleep disturbances, hot flashes and mental depression. Many women using hormone replacement therapy avoid gaining weight and losing muscle tone. Instead of prescribing synthetic hormones derived from animals and plants, we only recommend natural hormones specially formulated for each patient.

Control Your Health

The physicians at American Longevity Center work closely with patients to reduce the effects of multiple conditions that occur to men and women due to the aging process. In addition to restoring hormone levels in your body, we can help solve adrenal gland and thyroid problems that cause anxiety, infertility and heart disease. It is easy to have control over your mental and physical well-being by using bioidentical treatment. Anyone interested in age treatment services can contact us confidential consultation before having a physical examination and laboratory tests to determine hormone replacement requirements.