Trying to Get Pregnant?

The 100 days before a child is conceived may be the most significant 100 days of that child’s life. That might not sound possible, but with today’s modern scientific technology, expert doctors like those at American Longevity Center are discovering just how key preconception medicine is to a child’s existence. Imagine if you could increase the chances that your child would be athletically, artistically or mentally gifted before that child was even created. Now imagine if you could decrease the odds of illness or disability. With the array of preconception medical treatment at American Longevity Center, it’s possible.

There’s no question that children today are being born with more health problems than ever before. Autism rates have had double-digit increases for the past decade, learning disabilities are at record highs, food allergies and sensitivities are greater now than ever before, and ADD and obesity are at epidemic proportions. There’s hormones in the food, chemicals in the water and radio waves in the air. Fortunately, through preconception medicine, it’s now possible to alleviate the negative impact that the modern world can have on a developing child.

Conceive of a Healthier Child

At American Longevity Center, prospective parents are given a full complement of comprehensive diagnostic tests and medical exams. Our physicians design a special program customized for each mom or dad-to-be’s unique physiology. Through highly advanced detoxification processes, cleanses, nutritional supplements, dietary planning and hormonal balancing, parents’ bodies are cleansed and prepared for a successful conception, easier pregnancy and healthier child. ALC’s special preconception counseling helps parents to be in the best physical shape possible for creating a child. ALC incorporates the technology and science that allow us to assist nature in having the perfect, healthy baby.

Once your child is born, you’ll do everything in your power to make sure that child’s life is happy, healthy and successful. With the preconception medical treatment available at American Longevity Center, you can exercise that same kind of care before your child is even conceived. Why spend less time planning your child’s life than you would a weekend getaway? Call American Longevity Center today! The physicians at American Longevity Center are nationally recognized experts in the field of preconception medicine. Help guarantee a good life for your child. Improve your own health and prepare your body for conception.

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