• Retired Major League Baseball Super Star
  • Member of the 50 Home Run Club
  • Member of the 300 Home Run Club
  • Member of the 1000 RBI Club
  • With a career 255 Avg, 319 Home Runs, 1008 RBI’s
  • Father of Major League Baseball Star Prince Fielder

Cecil has chosen American Longevity Center to look, feel and perform his absolute best.

“Everybody starts to feel older, but when you do the research and find out that there are options, life can be really fun again.”– Cecil Fielder MLB retired player and current patient at American Longevity Center.

Year after year I continually felt myself getting older. More aches and pains, slower thought process, difficulty sleeping, It got harder and harder to knock off the extra pounds, and of course I wasn’t hitting the home runs in the bedroom like I used to.

I researched places that do hormone replacement therapy and Low-T treatment from Florida to California and everywhere in between. Then I made my decision to go to American Longevity Center.

It was a great decision. I couldn’t be more impressed with their medical staff and everyone I’ve met over there is knowledgeable and friendly. The results so far have exceeded my expectation.

I feel much much younger, I have a lot more energy and stamina. My sleep is better than ever and after a short time I already know that my memory is better. I have a pep in my step that had been gone for a while. And I’m hitting those home runs in the bedroom again.

Like I tell my wife-“Cecil’s back !!!”

Do what I did and call American Longevity Center. One of the best moves of my life !!!