While getting older is inevitable, slowing down and even turning back the aging process is becoming a reality in Dallas. Medical research shows that combining the appropriate doctor prescribed vitamin and mineral supplements, hormone therapy and following a healthy diet and lifestyle are the keys to becoming a longevist. After all, we wouldn’t expect a top athlete to disregard diet and supplementation as part of their training routine.

If we’re thinking young, than we’re thinking hormones. When young, hormones abundantly flow through our systems. But as we age, that flow slows down. Now while they are tagged “hormone replacements”, they are more appropriately “hormone enhancers”; they drive the hormones. American Longevity Center is standing with some of the best medical research universities and institution heavy-weights like John Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic and Stanford University and are showing promise in living-longer research.

Hormones are critical to good health. They are produced and secreted into the blood by glands within the endocrine system. They bind to receptors and drive many function in the body. Just a few of the many are:

• Regulation of metabolism

• Initiating the fight or fight response

• Controlling the reproductive cycle

Hormones impact virtually every major system and organ in the body. For that reason, hormone replacement is an integral part of any anti-aging regime. The studies have shown that a combination of:

1. Eating the right foods

2. Proper supplements

3. Hormone replacement

is one of the best ways to slow and/or turn back the clock.

Additionally are lifestyle changes to make. Things like exercise, stress management and proper sleep. These type changes combined with a well designed anti aging plan by one of our affiliate physicians at an American Longevity Center will get you on your way to reclaiming that youthful you.  Contact us today for more information!