What is Anti-Aging Therapy?

We can’t stop ourselves from getting older, but we can slow down the physical and metal effects of aging. American Longevity Center offers therapies that can help you look and feel younger, so you can enjoy your active lifestyle. These therapies will help you increase your energy, so you can once again enjoy time spent with friends and family while working and playing.

About Anti-Aging

Anti-aging is a specific type of medicine that prevents and treats the mental and physical signs of aging. It treats causes of aging, such as nutritional deficiencies, metabolic causes and adjusts hormones to their previous levels. During treatment, you will look and feel better, which can help boost your self-esteem and quality of life.

Your doctor will recommend one or more anti-aging therapies based on your needs and the results you want. Therapies include:

Hormone replacement therapy

Cellulite treatment


Wellness injections

Facial health

Vitamin supplements


Should I Get Anti-Aging Therapy?

You may benefit from anti-aging therapy if you suffer from one of the following conditions as a result of aging:






High cholesterol

High blood pressure

Memory problems

Weight gain

Night sweats

Hot flashes

Decreased sex drive

Sexual dysfunction

American Longevity Center also offers treatments for the physical signs of aging. Their team of doctors and medical professionals can help you reduce cellulite on your body and fine lines or wrinkles on your face.

How Does Anti-Aging Therapy Work?

When you make your first appointment, the doctor will ask about your current health and your health history. He will also order a blood test to determine what your hormone levels are to determine if they are low. After the doctor gets the results of the blood work, he can develop a personalized anti-aging therapy treatment based on your needs.