Age-Related Disease and Dysfunction can be Prevented and Reversed

To stop and reverse conditions related to aging, American Longevity Center in Boston employs clinical preventative medicine, advances in biotechnology, and the latest in scientific research. Our physicians help fight and reverse disease and dysfunction related to aging through optimal nutrition, prompt intervention, early disease detection, and preventative screenings.


Reversing the Aging Process through Anti-Aging Medicine

Chronological age and biological are not one in the same. Measured to be higher than a person’s real age, the biological age is directly affected by one’s health. Those are healthy appear to be much younger than their actual age. By treating and preventing age-related disease on the cellular and molecular level, anti-aging medicine can focus on stopping and reversing the biological aging process.


Treating Underlying Conditions with Anti-Aging Medicine

Addressing the processes of illness and controlling its symptoms is what physicians do in traditional medicine. Medicine will be prescribed to mask the specific disease by traditional doctors. However, prescription medications carry bad side effects that then create more issues in the patient’s body. The new symptoms are brought about not from the initial disease but by the medication’s effect on the patient, the same medication meant to alleviate symptoms. To control the new symptoms, patients are prescribed more and more prescription drugs which are further used to mask the disease. That’s about managing drugs, not managing the patient’s health.


The physiological and biochemical causes for diseases and age-related disorders are what anti-aging medicine really deals with. Treating the body at the biochemical, cellular, and microscopic levels are what anti-aging doctors focus on. Emphasizing the need to increase the quality of life, optimize performance, and improve health are what anti-aging medicine does, and not just maintain the disease in its current state.  For more information, contact us today!