Lab Testing (Step One)

As you might expect with any medical environment, the first step before we prescribe any sort of treatment is to get a full panel of lab work completed in order to get a full picture of your biochemistry. This is all done before seeing American Longevity Center’s physician. We offer two types of lab panels:

The Comprehensive Lab Test

The Comprehensive lab test offers the minimum number of lab panels that our physicians feel they need in order to provide a quality diagnosis. This is important, as a quality diagnosis goes a long way towards determining appropriate treatment pathways. The Comprehensive lab test goes above conventional screening, but for us at the American Longevity Center, this is only the beginning to seeing the bigger picture about your health. Once the Comprehensive lab test is complete, your physician can recommend the ideal treatment and begin working with you to put you back on the path of a quality lifestyle.

The Executive Lab Test

As you might expect from the term “executive,” the Executive lab test is the best available lab screening system. Our physicians have come up with a “dream list” of the ideal blood panels to have performed on prospective patients before determining an ideal treatment plan. This sort of lab test is ideal for the patient who wants to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to their health. Taking a progressive approach, this lab test goes beyond the regular screening that most labs might offer and provides information for both physicians and patients who really want a full picture analysis of what’s going on biochemically.

Whether you choose the Comprehensive lab test or the Executive lab test, both of these options help the physicians at American Longevity Center paint a complete picture of your unique health plan.