John S. – “The last time I had this much energy was when I was 21 years old!”

I came to American Longevity Center after suffering with moderate erectile dysfunction. I was taking various pills from my family physician and then he mentioned to me that he recently went to ALC and told me to make an appointment. After my first 12 weeks of treatment I knew I now could totally transform my life. I literally went from afternoon naps and hesitations in the bedroom to more energy than I’ve had in years, I exercise 6 days a week, I’ve changed my diet based on the food sensitivity blood test I did with ALC and I have no signs of ED whatsoever. I cannot thank ALC enough.

Hofit Golan – “Going to American Longevity Center was the best thing I have ever done for myself!”

Socialite and model Hofit Golan came to American Longevity Center after years of suffering with very cold hands and feet, extreme cravings for salty and sweet foods and troublesome insomnia. She was always told her symptoms were ‘just a normal part of aging’, but at ALC we discovered she was suffering from Hypothyroidism. We treated her with Bio Identical Compounded Thyroid supplements and today she says she is feeling better than ever!

Alan and Cindy – “We look and feel younger today than we did 10 years ago!”

Both came to us to lose weight. After seeing their blood test results and after a thorough consultation and exam they both started on Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Alan– I feel like I did in high school. My energy and confidence is through the roof!

Cindy– When Alan told me about this I was hesitant. Wow, is all I can say. I almost gave up on dieting and exercise. Now I live to eat healthy, exercise and do outdoor activities. Our daughter says we don’t act our age anymore, that’s a good thing!

Steve Nixon – “At 44, I can run circles around you!”

These pictures came from Steve’s wife. He has been a patient of American Longevity Center for almost 2 years. He is stationed overseas and gets into the ALC offices twice a year. I walk around in 120 degree heat wearing full combat fatigues and carrying 70 pounds of gear and weapons. I love the program and I am absolutely convinced that I could not do what I do at this age without the treatment that I receive from ALC.

Marvin M. – “I am grateful for everything American Longevity Center has done for me!”

After my divorce I thought it was time to get back in the gym and get my body back in a more presentable condition. After a few weeks of getting nowhere and feeling weak and getting frustrated I called ALC and had my blood test done. I had extremely low testosterone levels and my thyroid was not functioning properly. With the help of the ALC doctors and staff, they have helped me in so many ways that I cannot possibly put it all into words. I am now re-married, I have a new job and a 6 month old baby girl. My life is absolutely amazing and I owe a large portion of that to the ALC program.

Caryn M. – “Now the hard work is really starting to pay off. Thank you ALC.”

I came to American Longevity Center because a previous doctor said I might have an auto immune disease. After various testing ALC showed where I had an under-active thyroid but they also were able to get it back to the proper levels with significant dietary changes and a mild dose of bio identical thyroid medication. After coming to ALC and feeling better I now have the energy to exercise and lose weight. And I don’t trust any doctors unless ALC agrees with them. I love ALC.

Samantha R. – “Thanks to ALC, I got my life back!”

When I came to ALC I was lacking energy and steadily gaining weight. Nothing seemed to help, no matter what I did, so I decided to call ALC for help. After completing a blood and saliva test, I discovered my cortisol levels were off. ALC also helped me learn that I was highly allergic to soy! And on my vegetarian diet I was eating soy on a daily basis! I can’t thank ALC enough for detecting these symptoms and turning my life around!

Amanda P. – “I no longer dread going to the beach!”

I made the decision to go to ALC after being unhappy and overweight for years. I was ashamed of myself and hated going to the beach because of my body. American Longevity Center pointed me in the right direction and now I’m a healthy happy vegan! Thanks ALC!

Gary A. – “My life is amazing again and I could not have done this without ALC.”

I came to ALC because I felt I was in a downward spiral. I was overweight, I had no energy, I lost that feeling I had when I was younger, that I could accomplish anything. I was depressed and was seeing a psychiatrist. That was February 2013 and the new pictures are from July 2013. I left my shrink and went to ALC. My life is amazing again and I could not have done this without ALC.

Jack S. – “I give ALC all the credit in the world. They honestly turned my life around!”

Two years ago I was an overweight man that didn’t feel like a man anymore. I had lost my drive and inspiration in life and didn’t have that “Go get ’em!” attitude anymore. I went to American Longevity Center and they knew right away I needed help, and I needed it fast. I discovered I had extremely low testosterone and my body was producing excess estrogen. This answered a lot of my questions. ALC put me on the road to recovery and I put in the hard work! I can honestly say I’ve never felt better in my entire life! I owe it all to ALC. Thank you guys!!

Megan F. – “I look and feel amazing!”

After doing a bit of research, I came to American Longevity Center for the help and motivation I knew I desperately needed. ALC’s medical staff was able to discover that my thyroid was under-active. Through the use of bio identical T3/T4 I felt better and was able to lose my excess weight. Now I feel better than I’ve ever felt! I’m so happy I chose ALC and their amazing medical staff!

Sergio S. – “I haven’t felt or looked this good in over 10 years!”

When I first visited ALC I was 46 years old and not feeling as good as I wanted to. My body felt tired and I was nowhere near the body I really wanted. ALC provided me with a blood test to discover that I had Low Testosterone levels. After my Testosterone Replacement treatments I am feeling and looking healthy, fit, and full of energy!

Shannon T. – “I was sick and tired of dieting not doing anything for me!”

After years of trying all kinds of diets and not getting any lasting results, I went to ALC. The doctors there found that I was severly sensitive to gluten. Once I had eliminated gluten and dairy products from my diet along with adding Vitamin B injections I started to feel amazing! It truly was the missing link in my life! I appreciate everything ALC has done for me!