Accessing Cost

After you have been successfully approved for a plan of treatment that is integrated with hormonal medicines, the next thing is to know how much you will spend. The amount you spend is usually determined by a few factors. The medicine prescribed is the first influencing factor. Some medicines will naturally cost more than others. This implies that the medicine prescribed hugely impacts the final cumulative cost of treatment. There are others factors that contribute to the cost and these include the monitoring types to be used, how the medications will be administered, the patient support and care, how long the treatment will take, and if any supplements (typically vitamins) will also be provided as part of the medication.

To give you a picture of the estimated cost, a typical treatment plan, which lasts for 10 weeks, can cost anywhere from $1,000 to over $5,000. It is not possible to specify exactly how much you will invest before we determine the add-on services that will be included in your package. Nonetheless, the customer support you get is not related to the amount you spend. You will get the same unparalleled quality customer support no matter how much you spend.

All treatment plans we offer, as well as the protocols we use in the hormone prescriptions, are endorsed by American Longevity Center medical advisory board. The board has the mandate of ensuring standards are established for all treatment plans adopted. That way, you can have your peace of mind since the medications and procedures at American Longevity Center have been vetted beforehand and given a clean bill of health.

We always work with qualified professionals to ensure the quality of our products and services remain uncompromised and unparalleled. The physician members of American Longevity Center are usually chosen from a pool of qualified and acclaimed medical experts. These physicians bring on board their wide experience and vast knowledge in their different specialties. Some of these specialties include management of age, management of weight, nutrition, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and diet.

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