Physician Evaluation (Step 2)

Following the receipt of your lab tests, you will be sent to see one of our physicians. This allows us to enroll you in American Longevity Center’s Medical Health Evaluation, which includes a physical exam and consultation in order to determine your current level of health, decide whether you need hormone therapy, and discuss the overall treatment plan.

For your convenience, we prefer you to see our medical director in order to receive additional diagnostic testing and services. This offers many advantages; the advantages include airport pick up, hotel room discounts should you decide to stay overnight, and a special travel reimbursement.

If it’s not possible for you to come to us to see our medical director, we can make alternative arrangements. We have affiliate physicians throughout the country. Fees, as you might expect, depend on the physician you’re seeing.

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism

American Longevity Center believes health is too critical to take a generic approach. Each individual has unique issues, goals and concerns, and as such, we work with you to determine the ideal approach to your health. You will see this in action when you come to American Longevity Center. We offer two types.

The Comprehensive Evaluation

This sort of evaluation is designed to give you a full picture of what’s happening with your body. This will likely exceed any sort of previous exam you’ve had at a doctor’s office. We work with you to give you a thorough screening to establish your hormonal and metabolic baseline. This Comprehensive Evaluation provides the American Longevity Center physician critical information about you and your body’s unique situation.

The Executive Evaluation

American Longevity Center’s Executive Medical Health Evaluation offers an outstanding framework for a thorough diagnostic assessment. The design of your treatment plan stems from this and your hormone treatment plan can be customized to meet your very specific needs. Your physician can then monitor your treatment effectively. That allows you, our client, to get the best results and benefits possible.

Our overall priority is to improve the quality of life and improve your energy and vitality, so you can live the best life possible.